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Stand Up Pouch SUP

Stand Up Pouches

The stand up pouch is an environmental improvement on the transportation of water – one truckload of the SUPs filled with water is the equivalent of 20 trucks full of bottles. When full, they create a unique ‘box shape’ meaning they can be stored closer together with less wasted space. The pouches are also re-usable.

The market for flexible packaging for liquids has grown immensely and continues to do so and the Flex-up pouch stands out both environmentally and functionally in this highly competitive in this market. The pouches are extremely versatile with huge potential due to the fact that they can withstand temperatures from as low as -40c up to 100c.

In 2011, Plaspro were proud to be appointed the UK distributor of flexible stand up pouches.

The pouches are available from 250ml to 6ltr.

Further details will be available soon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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All Stand Up Pouch products

Below are all of the products that can be produced using Stand Up Pouches

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