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Primex PP

Primex PP

Polypropylene and Print-ex Opaque

Polypropylene and Print-ex Opaque

PRIME-EX is a milestone in the evolution of polypropylene sheets, its fourth dimension: properties unknown to this material can be transferred to it through a surface coating that will not modify its mechanical characteristics. With such a target Exten SA developed a process that enables it to be produced in one step, extrusion and coating in line, substrates that meet the most demanding requirements of the offset UV print.

Primex will offer excellent water and scratch-resistance, ensuring it stays in impressive condition for an extended length of time, giving your printed products an extended shelf-life.

Now days major printers of horticultural labels appreciate PRIME-EX TAG, a ready to print substrate where improved ink-adhesion and absolute water resistance can be tested immediately after printing and OPV. Excellent print-adhesion, never before seen on gloss material, and its non-blocking properties have made PRIMEX-EX Gloss the partner of most manufacturers of luxurious packaging. as remarkable advantage PRIME-EX has an extended shelf life for printability.

Within our range of Primex PP, Plaspro offer Primex TAG which is popular for use of Horticultural labels; Primex IML which is used for in mould labels; Primex EcoCard which is used mainly for labels and printed cards (reward cards, store cards, telephone cards, hotel key cards etc).

Advantages of using Primex PP:

  • Perfect print adhesion on surface, creasing lines, and die cutting edges (tape test);
  • Water resistance;
  • Scratch-resistant;
  • Good antiblocking properties with little powdering;
  • Primed for printing on both sides.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today or fill in the query form to the right.

All Primex PP products

Below are all of the products that are available in Primex PP

Eco Card

Exp Synpap


Geos Rigid PP








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