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Our HMPP has a primed satin side offering you superior ink adhesion. The glossy, scratch resistant side is corona-treated – to create the adhesion on the plastic surface – which is then guaranteed for six months if it is being used with conventional screen printing and for three months when used for UV screen and Litho printing. You will need to ensure that any ink used in the printing process is suitable for plastic that has been corona-treated.

The plastic can be cut and creased to the required size and shape when at room temperature – if it is too cold, it will become brittle and break when being cut.

The HMPP sheets are degradable by UV light and combustion but are not biodegradable. They should be stored in a dry and shaded environment.

HMPP sheets are developed to replace HiPS when producing horticultural labels in a wet environment. It is not a suitable plastic to use for direct food contact as it does not conform to the required norms.

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