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Printing Plaspro

CPP (Coextruded Cast Polypropylene) is an ideal plastic for you to use for your flexible and textile packaging needs. We can supply it clear, although we are also able to cater to your coloured films needs.

A reliable and durable material, CPP is easy for you to print on as it has a superior lay-flat characteristics which allow it to be fed through sealing machinery, sheeting and printing presses quickly.

This environmentally-friendly material is food contact approved, with exceptional durability making it a great choice for your flexible packaging needs.

With a long shelf life, Coextruded Cast Polypropylene is also a recommended choice for your labels ensuring you create a long-lasting, quality product.

This material can also be heat-sealed and perforated.

Take a look at the variety of products below which you can produce from CPP and get in touch with our team today who will be happy to discuss your needs or fill in the query form to the right.

All CPP products

Below are all of the products that can be produced using CPP


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