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CARDS – A small rectangular piece of plastic containing personal data in a machine-readable form and used to obtain cash or credit or to pay for a telephone call, gain entry to a room or building, etc

Whether you are looking to produce store, telephone or gift cards, we are able to provide you with the most suitable plastic for your needs. Our fast lead-times ensure you are not held up and can produce your unique product with the high quality materials.

We can provide you with the right material for a variety of cards, including:

Gift Cards

A popular way of letting a person choose their own gift without giving them money in an envelope. When someone is purchasing a gift, they want it to look good and this is possible with the high quality finish offered from a number of our plastics.

Store cards

There are fewer and fewer shops now who don’t offer their customers store cards. A number of our plastics will allow you to create yours to your own specification.

Telephone cards

We can provide some of the plastics suitable with impressively short lead times due to the innovative production facilities we have here at Plaspro.

Plapro’s knowledgable team are available to answer any queries you may have about the appropriate materials for your products. Contact the team today and see how they can assist you.


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