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PVC rigid

PVC Rigid

Our PVC rigid is available in a wide variety of thicknesses and colours giving your numerous options when planning your packaging requirements. PVC has low energy costs, making it an economical material.

Due to its reliability and superior quality, PVC is an ideal plastic for printing and vacuum forming.

In addition, Plaspro can provide a specially-coated PVC which is ideal for use when it is going to be used on HP Indigo, solvent and ink jet digital presses. The coating creates an excellent, dependable base for ink.

If you have any specific questions about PVC rigid, or for a copy of our datasheet, please do not hesitate to contact our team or fill in the enquiry form to the right.

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All PVC Rigid products

Below are all of the products that can be produced using PVC Rigid



EXP Synpap

EXP Synpap

Beautiful flowers

A tough, polypropylene based synthetic paper, the printable EXP SynPap is ideal when you need a material which is tear-resistant and will not fade or break. It can also be written on with pen or pencil.

Due to its resilience and the fact that it is weather resistant, it is the perfect choice for tags, banners, horticultural labels, luggage labels etc. It is available in a satin or matt and comes in a standard white finish. Other colours are available on request, but are subject to a minimum order quantity.

The EXP SynPap also conforms with food packaging norms

The standard version is both cold and heat resistant, with a medium resistance to UV light. This version is usually suitable for most uses, however, a Primer treatment version of the EXP SynPap is also available which assures the water resistance of UV-offset printing. Long-term UV stabilisation is available on request.

The EXP SynPap comes in a thickness range of 180mic – 350mic.

Sheets of EX-P SynPap can be converted in the usual techniques including:

• Punching and folding
• Sewing
• Die cutting
• Perforating
• Stapling
• In mold decoration

Take a look at the variety of products below which you can produce from BOPP and get in touch with our team today who will be happy to discuss your needs or fill in the query form to the right.

All EX-P Synpap products

Below are all of the products that can be produced using EX-P SYNPAP