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Primex Indigo Polypropylene

Primex Indigo polypropylene

Primex Indigo polypropylene sheets are primed in-line and optimized to give superb adhesion using HP Indigo ElectrInks.

Available in several finishes:

Standard Items Bespoke items on request
Product Colour Gauge (mic) Primer on side
H20 Clear 1000 350 Satin Transarent for reverse printing
Satin White 0050B 350 Satin+Satin Both side printing – Paperfeel
Satin White 0050B 500 Satin+Satin Both side printing – Paperfeel
Fine Natural 350 Satin+Satin Both side printing – Very smooth
Fine Natural 500 Satin+Satin Both side printing – Very smooth
Matt Black 350 Matt+Matt Both side printing – Matt finish
Matt Black 500 Matt+Matt Both side printing – Matt finish
Special Items
Backlit Opal 300 Satin+Satin Translucent – Reverse printing
EcoCard White 0060B 450 Satin+Satin Both side printing – Very smooth

Standard Primex Indigo is suitable for industrial (one shot) HP presses, S1000/2000 while registration issues may occur on the commercial multi-shot presses due to thermal expansion caused by the heat the PP substrate is exposed to.

EcoCard has been developed and specially formulated by ExP to ‘act’ like PVC while offering a 30% better yield. Due to its unique formulation, EcoCard can withstand exposure to heat and can be used on the commercial multi-shot presses such as S5500 & S7500.

Primex Ecocard is ideal for horticultural tags and labels but has been specifically developed for cards as it is more rigid and brittle than standard PP but gives the feel of PVC. It also has great chemical resistance and scratch resistance due to its excellent ink adhesion.

Standard substrates can be die cut in the usual PP process, however due to the hardness of EcoCard, we recommend using a cannon press and drill for cards and labels.
A magnetic strip can be laminated to EcoCard and PET film can be hot laminated if an overlay is required.
However, we are working on a varnish system to give a smooth glossy finish that will result in a ‘single substrate’ card.

Primex materials cannot be welded on the primed side and PUR glues should be carefully selected for use on automatic glue lines to avoid issues with bubbling or yellowing of the glue and tests should be carried out if gluing to the primer.

If material is for food contact, please ask for material without primer or we can offer a food safe solution.

ExP have also developed a ‘soft’ Indigo substrate, ideal for sports events where variable data is required such as numbered labels for marathon runners or bike races.

Samples and prices are available on request and if you would like us to look at any developments of a substrate you require..Just ask!

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